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yc2.jpg   Yvonne Curran, professional Copywriter  

Yvonne Curran’s education and career have been devoted to creative communication. She has worked as a freelance, professional copywriter since May 2010. Her most recent full-time role was as a Copywriter at a web development company helping companies within a wide range of industries with their online communication. The ratio between consumer and business-to-business oriented websites was approximately 50:50. Assignments also included content fill, which encompassed graphic formatting of text and imagery, using a content management system. 

Yvonne Curran spent 21 years as an account executive (project manager) at a marketing communications consultancy, working with international advertising, branding, communication and PR for large international medium and small businesses within many different sectors, from idea to production. Writing, proofreading and editing were significant elements in her daily work.

Always drawn to writing, Yvonne has taken on assignments in the past as an international correspondent for a number of publishers of trade publications, such as for Baird Marine Publications, and has also worked as a sales executive for trade, as well as for popular publications. 

Yvonne has accumulated an understanding of a variety of industrial trade terminologies. In addition, Yvonne’s past experience working at an architectural organisation, a recruitment company, and in the hospitality industry has provided her with further diverse experience from a range of industries.

Among her key competencies are Yvonne’s documented, excellent verbal and written communication skills. She applies her knowledge gained from university studies in communication, semiotics, linguistics and social psychology.

Yvonne has a driving force and a commercial acumen. She is especially adept at fact-finding, collating information and presenting compelling copy for website content, articles, presentations, DM, press releases, newsletters, marketing plans, reports, etc.

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